How Not to Forget Wonderful Birthday 2020?

How Not to Forget a Wonderful Birthday 2020?

If you make birthday calls frequently and always send birthday cards, you can use some of these ideas.

The simplest idea is to buy a birthday calendar. Usually each page displays one month, and each issue has its own square for the day. It generally looks like a regular calendar for a wall, but it doesn’t follow “one year without” and the days of the week.

Simply fill out the birthdays of the people you know are ready – you can get them every year.

The advantage is that it allows you to easily update information every year and add new people on the go, so it’s easy to find two or twenty people on your birthday list. The downside is that you should take care of it, so if you forget something about your birthday without seeing it.

Another idea is to mentally check for birthdays for family or close friends at the beginning of each month. So program it directly in your mobile phone diary (or write it in your diary or wall graphics).

If you need a card or gift for the buyer, get your calendar in advance a week and don’t worry! The advantage is that it can be done quickly and easily.

The downside is that you are keen to find people’s birthday and forget to check your next birthday and the number of people you love, while you are on your birthday list, and this system is annoying.

Email alerts are a great way to remember everyone’s birthday. There are many websites where you can sign up for a free birthday party. Simply enter your name and birthday, and the site sends an email to inform you in advance.

The advantage is that you forgot to use this method, but the downside is that if you change your email address or check your email frequently, you may have missed your birthday.

Finally, there are many tricks you can use – use it partially or completely to make sure you don’t forget your birthday!

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